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Hello and welcome back, Here I’m again with yet another post ,a new destination and some fashion filled journey. Do you know “bamboos” include some of the fastest growing plants in the world.Certain species of bamboo can grow 3 ft within a 24 hours period.Yeah! I know,you must be wondering about why on earth I’m … Continue reading Bambusa

A day in paradise

Hello and welcome back, I’m here with yet another post. Get ready to go through swirl and experience the unexpected. I’m sure it’s  going to confound you even more than my earlier post. It’s been a month since I’m in Dimapur. And, this place has never stopped  astounding me with its beauty and culture.So after much sight-seeing … Continue reading A day in paradise

Kachari Ruins

Hello and welcome to my blog, Dimapur has becoming a real heaven to me the people and their hospitality is beyond my explanation. After much exploring and wandering through the streets I finally decided to do what I’m here for. this post is gonna be all about my first ever visit to some really exciting … Continue reading Kachari Ruins